Welcome to the Drone-Hacks Support

We would like to spend our limited time to solve technical problems and hacking drones instead answering questions that can be looked up on our homepage :)

We will answer you in a timeframe of 12 to 24hours, it may take us longer on weekends.

Please refrain from asking the the following questions:

  • Do you want to know if you drone can be hacked? 

 Look in our birdmap instead writing here, if the drone is not in the map it is not supported! You can find the birdmap here: https://drone-hacks.com/birdmap

  • Don't know which license to buy? 

Our licenses are NOT feature based, they are DRONE based, just use our Wizard: https://drone-hacks.com/birdmap  --> Click "Which license do i need?"

  • "Can you unlock XYZ on my drone?" 

This can be answered by yourself by looking at the birdmap: https://drone-hacks.com/birdmap ;)

  • "When do you support XYZ?" 

This cannot be answered at all, if a drone is supported it will be added to the birdmap. There is no such thing as "progress", it is done when it's done. Once a new drone is supported it will be announced IMMEDIATLY!

If you have another question or a technical problem do not hesitate to open a ticket. We will answer your ticket usually within 1 working day.

Thank you :)